Possibility to have questions in verification process

  • Last Post 18 November 2020
tis06 posted this 17 November 2020


I developed a workflow that will scan a letter, identify the customer based on a reference and a name and compare it with the customer base. If the comparaison is not successfull, a user validaiton is required.

It would be nice if it was possible to have questions on the verification screen rather that just the variables. e;g; I have a variable for document type. And I wanted to make it a selection list. Also, you can not select wich variable is shown or in wich order and can be modified. And the labels are the variables names, not the buton names.




luigi.zurolo posted this 18 November 2020

Hi Frederic,

that's correct, verification shows the list of all available variables, with variable names, also because they can come from multiple sources such as recognized items inside the workflow processing for which there is no selection of values and the unique parameter of identification is the variable name.

Currently they are all visible and organized by server and user variables and having "questions" inside the verification will simulate more a client.

However thank you for the feedback, we noted your feature requests, it will be reviewed and eventually added to the available requests.