Can XML information automatically be created from variables?

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DN-Newbie posted this 08 March 2022


I'm not completely new to Scanshare/Document Navigator and already got really helpful advice here last year. My company is using DN Essentials V4.10.0.0 branded by Konica-Minolta who provided our MFP machines.

Now we introduced a digital archive software. Documents can be archived in different approaches, for example with a virtual printer and indexed manually  or with a big central scanner sold with the archive software.

They also can be indexed automatically via a xml file that comes with the matching TIFF file. This system also uses some kind of watch folder on the server. If it detects a subfolder with a TIFF and matching xml, it will store the document automatically in the archive. 

I already tested the XML method in Document Navigator with single document types  by adding the XML information in the data output of Windows file system and it works perfectly for that single type of document. The structure of the xml file is something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<import xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="file:import.xsd">

 <item type="DOCTYPE">

      <attributeValue id="1234">%CUSTOMERNUMBER%</attributeValue>

      <attributeValue id="5678">TITLE OF DOCUMENT</attributeValue>

      <attributeValue id="6789">%USERNAME%</attributeValue> ...

      <part type="base" contenttype="image/tiff" url="%CUSTOMERNUMBER%_%USERNAME%_DOCTYPE.tif"/>

  <workbasket id="XXXXXXX" />



The attribute value id's, item type and workbasket id are different and depend on the document type. Is it possible to build up some kind of database and send different xml informations with the TIFF file which match the document type identified by barcode no.1 on the form?

Documents are identified and separated in my existing workflows with a barcode (Type Code128). Every document type has at least one barcode, most of them have 2. Thew first one is the type/internal form number of document, the second one can either be a customer number or an account number (which have different attribute value id's).

In other words, my goal is creating a workflow that can scan a batch of different document types and add the matching XML information to it. I hope I could explain it understandable. My english is not very good in explaining these things. I'd like to make scanning more flexible and de-central to reduce the huge amount of scanning on the central scanner and make processing faster.

Thanks again for any advice.

If it's not possible with essentials version, could an upgrade to a full version be helpful? 

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luca.scarpati posted this 11 March 2022



oh wow you are using a very old version, now we are at the version v5.22.01 cool

If I understand correctly what you need to do is "understand" from the barcode (or in general template?) what type of document it is and then insert ID, item type and workbasketID.

If so, the first steps that come to mind are:

- First Workflow:

  1. Capture
  2. Separate 
  3. WFS with barcode in the filename

- Second Workflow:

  1. WF with folder as 3. of the first workflow 
  2. Script that read a CSV (created earlier with different values of ID, item type and workbasketID for your output XML/documents) and create the variables
    1. %ID%
    2. %ITEM_TYPE%
  3. WFS that create a output Document + XML

...obviously this is not possible with the essentials version wink


Best regards,


DN-Newbie posted this 20 April 2022

Hi Luca,

I found a workaround for this. I use a scan workflow to separate the batch by form number barcode. I added a subfolder to the watchfolder location with the form number variable. In a second step I created a watch folder workflow for each subfolder so I can give different XML output to each form type. Now I'm facing the next challenge with a  CodeI2of5 barcode (my other post from today). 

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