You are ing to create a workflow where user can scan to his/her XPLAN account.


  • XPLAN account;
  • Random testing document;
  • DNS configured as: (more info);
  • PC Client or MFP Client;

How to do:

  1. Create a new workflow with the name: "Scan to XPLAN";
  2. Drag a client capture module (PC client or MFP based on the used client):
    1. Insert typed question "Insert a criteria for search"
    2. Insert selected question "Select client" of a item list type XPLAN. It returns the clients for the criteria specified in the question above. 
  3. Drag the XPLAN connector and configure it with the following settings:
    1. As URL insert the complete URL looks like  or click variable button;
    2. As Username insert your username to log in in the XPLAN or click variable button;
    3. As Password  insert your password to log in in the XPLAN or click variable button;
    4. As Subject insert the subject suitable for what you are about to send (e.g. Test - Scan to XPLAN );
    5. As Client insert the complete variable name that you use in the question (e.g. %CLIENTXPLAN%) or click variable button;
  4. Check the output profiles;
  5. Save the settings;

You can now try to use the workflow by using the MFP or PC Client. The document will be stored on the specified XPLAN account.


      - Link to video: