HowTo: write a note on a scanned document

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piero.attanasio posted this 08 April 2016

We are ing to use the annotation to “print” a note on the scanned document.


  • PC Client or MFP Client;
  • Document: “Annotation_Document.tif”

How to do:

  1. Create a workflow with the name: “Annotation”
  2. Drag a client capture module (PC client or MFP based on the used client)
  3. Create one Typed question, with variable: MY_NOTE o (You can choose the Question and Button Name by yourself)
  4. Drag the Annotation module, and open configuration:
    1. Load the test document
    2. Select the text type annotation

    3. Create a text area on the bottom of the page and insert the variable: %MY_NOTE%

    4. Save module settings.

  5. Drag the “Windows File System” Connector and configure it with the following settings:
    1. Folder: C:OutputAnnotation
    2. Filename: Leave the default value, so : Document %YY%‐%MM%-%DD% %HH24%.%NN%.%SS%.%FFF%
  6. As output profile we select a normal PDF, so not a Searchable PDF (edit the default selected output profile and uncheck OCR);
  7. Save your settings

    Now you are able to Connect with the PC Client or the MFP Client and fill in a note at the question. Insert the Annotation Document, and then Store it.

    The Output will be a PDF where at the bottom your Note will be printed.


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luca.scarpati posted this 21 November 2016

Hi Tina,

the annotation is in Unicode, so any text in any language can be written.

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  • posted this 22 November 2016

hi Luca! :-) this is great many thanks indeed!!! speak soon

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  • luca.scarpati posted this 19 November 2016

if i need to make an annotation in another language, and my system has support for this language (Arabic) will the annotation be made in that language?