Installation Failed

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Youri Bourka posted this 13 June 2024

Installation failed


Hello everyone,


When installing scanshare Document Navigator v5.24.03 64bit I get the following error written in the log:


The remote procedure call failed. Error: 0x800706be

In C:\Windows\SystemTemp\pss642D.ps1:1 characters:483

+ ... $result = Install-WindowsFeature Web-AppInit, Web-Basic-Auth, Web-D ...

+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

+ CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (@{Vhd=; Credent...Name=localh

ost}SObject) [Install-WindowsFeature], Exception

+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : DISMAPI_Error__Failed_To_Enable_Updates,Microsof


MSI (s) (60!4C) [13:03:47:877]: Product: Document Navigator -- Error 4180. There was an error during the Windows features configuration process.

Your original configuration will be restored.


Has anyone had this experience, can help?


Thanks and Regards.


luca.scarpati posted this 14 June 2024

Hi Stefan,


we add here the same answer already given yesterday in a ticket at our support (I think this is your case if you are coming from KM DE cool):


strange and most probably due to or something missing on OS or some KB.

What OS are you using? have you some KB updated? Are there any policies on it that might block some feature installations?


...and from the logs, attached in the support ticket, seems that your system run with a version of the Powershell to old:

mping PowerShell invoke log ...

--> Found PowerShell path: C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe

--> PowerShell Script Execution Result Code: -1

--> PowerShell Script Execution log:

...that's why you find the error description:

Install-WindowsFeature : Fehler bei der Anforderung zum Hinzufügen oder

Entfernen von Features auf dem angegebenen Server.

Fehler beim Installieren mindestens einer Rolle, eines Rollendiensts oder

eines Features.


Please update the ticket in case of any other quesiton or info.

Have a nice day!


Best regards,