problem To store information in a variable

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Flavio Mendes posted this 12 June 2024

Hi guys I'm making a simple flow, where I read data in a zone, and based on this read data, I want to extract specific values using REGEX:

 in order to write these values in variables to be written in a txt or xml output file:

I've been consulting the scripts and I've picked up quite a few ideas, including one I'm using that does a REGEX and should write the variable to the file:

But this is not happening


Where could I be going wrong? 


Could you help me? 

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luca.scarpati posted this 14 June 2024

Hi Flavio,


we update this post with same our support reply.


Eheheh you need to interpret the scripts for your purposes/scope, so the previous one had parts that were not for you, also the RegExp was wrong (different from your online test above).

Please try with attachment script, obviously check that the variables are ok for your purpose.

Have a nice day!


Best regards,


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