Process doc and docx files

  • Last Post 08 January 2020
Steph posted this 06 January 2020

Hello Scanshare team, best wishes for 2020!


In Capture & Store 4.10.0.u38, doc and docx files are defined as invalid format in logs.

According to this topic , they should be accepted for processing.

I also tried with version, but this is the same.

Do i miss something to process these file formats?

Best regards








luigi.zurolo posted this 08 January 2020

Hi Steph,

yes that's correct, the files should be processed as sources except only if you have Abbyy FineReader engine enabled in any part of the workflow, that specific part will give you an error.

We will give it a check to see if there anything wrong with that, thank you for the report.