Kyocera v4 embedded MFP client generates a "Bad Request" error message on the panel of the device due to a bug in the web server which hosts Scanshare applications.

The bug is about a specific parameter codified into the Kyocera browsers requests which will get the Scanshare web server generates the bad request.

Since the browser is a thirdy party too, a workaround is suggested to use the Kyocera v4 embedded MFP client:

  • Install IIS from Windows Features making sure .NET 3.5, .NET 4.5, Static content, Dynamic content features are marked;
  • Open Ultidev Web Server Pro from the Start Menu and change the Scanshare Kyocera MFP Client port from 8380 to an unused number (e.g. 18380);
  • Open the IIS console and add a new Site pointing to the Scanshare Kyocera MFP client installation folder (e.g. C:Program Files (x86)ScanshareScanshareKyoceraWeb) and using 8380 as port;
  • Make sure the created application pool is set to run 32bits application into its Advanced Settings;

Enjoy our Kyocera embedded experience!