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Mic.O posted this 18 January 2021


Apologies if this seems a basic question, but I'm new to ScanShare and working on my first workflow. I couldn't find an answer on or the web in general.

The requirement is to save a scanned document to a network folder. This location is mapped as a drive, so I've tried the mapped drive letter and the full UNC path as well. 



\\xxx\scanned images\ScanShareTest\%CODE%

I would also like to know if workflow processing is logged and where to find these log files.

Greatly appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction for the above, and also to any good resources to learn more about ScanShare.

Thanks and kind regards




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luigi.zurolo posted this 18 January 2021

Dear Mic,

welcome here on the forum and no problems at all.

To scan to a network folder you can simply use the UNC format path inside the Windows File System connector without any special requirements. Never use a mapped drive as those are not available inside Windows services for OS design, mapped drives are mounted at users logon thus they don't exist inside services.

The services are running under Local System account by default, so if the UNC share requires a special permission you can simply insert the account to use into the Windows File System connector settings, under the permissions section (left dialog menu), in this way Scanshare will authenticate to the share as that user.


Mic.O posted this 19 January 2021

Hi Luigi, 

Thank you very much for the information. After consulting with network guys, we got the Scanshare services to run as the user with the necessary access. This is because I don't have those credentials and don't want to run to the network admin to put them in every time a new workflow is created  

After this change, it worked as needed.

Thanks again

luigi.zurolo posted this 26 January 2021

Perfect, good to hear all is working correctly.

You are more than welcome!