O365 Sharepoint and Versioning

  • Last Post 01 December 2020
tripit posted this 28 November 2020

Hi team.  Can you please tell me how Scanshare Sharepoint Connector works regarding Versioning in Office 365?  I have made workflows which upload the file to Sharepoint and populate some Document Library columns with Metadata.


When I check the Version History of the upload – I see multiple versions – the initial one and a 2.0 which includes Metadata.  This would appear to impact on our Sharepoint quota (2+ versions).  Shouldn’t Scanshare make just a single version with both Document and Metadata?  Or do I misunderstand how versioning works?

Please see example attached where I have populated Column MetaTest1 with "test 1" and MetaTest2 with "test 2"

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luigi.zurolo posted this 01 December 2020

Hi Luke,

the Sharepoint connector is not making any specific actions in regarding the Versioning and it doesn't have also any explicit controlling about that.

The upload is performed as a standard upload (like you would make from the web), so if your default policy is to increment the version that will be applied automatically.