Reference Item Lists in a script

  • Last Post 23 November 2020
pauldtosco posted this 23 November 2020

Is it possible to use Item Lists as reference lookups in a Script trigger or similar?

In my particular use case my workflow is only set to Capture from a watchfolder. One of the fields I'm capturing is the name of the person who scanned the document to that folder. I have created a list to match the user's name to an email address but cannot reference the Item List outside of an MFD capture source.

To that end I was hoping to be able to refer to the Item List to match the user and return that user's email address in a custom script or similar.

luca.scarpati posted this 23 November 2020



no in your case you can't use the item list, but I think there is an easy way for your sapecific case ... for example:

  1. Add your list into file .csv (USERNAME,EMAIL
  2. Into your workflow you can check the CSV -> you can query your CSV via script and take for example the email field relating to a specific username. Maybe this post can be useful for you:

I hope I was helpful wink.


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