Scanshare v4.9 is finally out with many improvements! 

If you have installed the new 64-bit version directly from above to the v4.8 32-bit version, after all the installation steps, you will find this error at the first start of the Control Panel: worry you can simply fix by inserting the attached DLL into those folders:

  •  C:\INSTFOLDER\Web\Connectors\OneDrive\bin
  •  C:\INSTFOLDER\Web\Connectors\OneDriveForBusiness\bin

Restart the UltiDev Webserver and try again.

We noticed that in some specific situations this DLL won't get marked to be installed by the new version due to a platform mismatch with the current installed version and platform, producing such error.

Any platform-to-platform upgrade and fresh new installations will never be affected by such behaviour.