Condition_tr issue

  • Last Post 17 February 2023
Dean posted this 16 February 2023


I have an issue and not sure what im doing wrong. 

I have a scanned document the user enters details regarding the doc into the web client and then stores it. 

But the condition Doesnt work. 

I want it to go one way if the MT-CODE equals NOMC0001/00001 and another if it doesnt. and i cant get that to work. 

Ive tried with "NOMC0001/00001", 'NOMC0001/00001' and just NOMC0001/00001 

But i cant get it to work.

Any thoughts?



luca.scarpati posted this 17 February 2023

Hi Dean,


your scope is very standard and common step, so it's strange that it doesn't work.

The correct value of the operator as also written in our manual is this (in your specific case the custom false condition is also useless but for testing I tried it anyway):


Maybe check the logs in debug see the behavior of your workflow and again maybe insert a data export for testing before the trigger condition so you can understand the correct variable value.


Best regards,