A new update for v4.10 has been released today: KB000038. It is a cumulative update including all latest fixes and some small improvements.

Please update your Scanshare copy to keep always the software up-to-date with all latest fixes and improvements.

Note: the patch installer cannot detect the platform automatically. Please navigate to the application root installation and double click on the KB000038.exe patch for your platform, x86 or x64. In case the wrong platform is installed and the application brakes it is simply necessary to run the correct one over on top to fix automatically the complete installation.



  • Added alphabetically sorting of static item lists [258357]
  • Added functions for additional variables in the REST API
  • Added support to capture inline signed / certified mails
  • Azure AD OAuth procedure may hang while registering in specific cases
  • Base64 error on input document when using PC clients in combination with SSO
  • Customizable OpenAPI communication timeout
  • EMAILATTACHMENTSIZE variable duplicated
  • Email capture module not processing downloaded attachments from Exchange / Office 365 when there are no other capture modules in the workflow
  • Email connector Test button never returning hanging on loading
  • Lexmark client scan button might get enabled also with required questions empty after filling a first typed question
  • Lexmark client small UI positioning fixes
  • Load balancing added timeout while query SQL server for workflows settings to send over the process clusters
  • Nedap Ons connector new clients filter based on employee
  • New Barcode recognition timeout setting (only for engine type 1)
  • New CC and BCC fields for the Email connector
  • New KOMI Doc connector
  • New MICR module
  • New verification mobile push notifications
  • OneDrive For Business connector hanging on new OAuth user registration (Azure AD OAuth October update) [182281, 450595]
  • OpenAPI ConfirmSettings exception in native layout when using a manual questions workflow directly after a workflow without the same setting
  • OpenAPI capture setting Clear Questions not working [435860]
  • PC Client Professional capture module settings dialog may not open hanging while loading
  • Records Manager connector added filter to return empty containers
  • Repository connector upload error when using a document type variable from the connector front list
  • Repository menu entry not highlighted as selected
  • Sharepoint front connector added new Sites return type
  • Sharp MFP n client not using typed value of Typed and Selected questions type
  • Support for connectors pack licenses for Enterprise
  • Toshiba MFP client clearing EWB Home Page URL when uninstalled [450015]
  • Toshiba MFP client not allowing scanning when using numeric question type with No Max and No Min settings [145280]
  • Toshiba MFP client not correctly scanning on latest devices range (eS5518A, eS2515) [670681]
  • User local login working also with disabled users
  • Verification documents for logged in SSO user not visible from the mobile apps
  • WATCHFOLDERSUBPATH variable containing always last sub path when processing multiple documents from different sub folders
  • Workflow modules user variables not displayed inside any workflow variables list
  • iManage Worksite connector generating an error when duplicated entries are found while retrieving data