Dokumet separation with kodes in dokument set

  • Last Post 13 October 2023
Maciej Matusz posted this 11 October 2023


"I would like to configure in one workflow the splitting of a set of documents by barcodes. The first page contains a barcode with a lead number, e.g. KIZE12345. The subsequent pages have codes specifying attachments to the set, e.g. SP01, EK02, etc. Currently, I do this in such a way that I have two workflows: the first one splits the document by barcodes and assigns it a name like KIZE12345_date_time_unique number, and then sends it to the second workflow which reads the value on the attachment code, e.g. SP01, and assembles a document named KIZE12345_SP01, etc. Can someone advise me on how to do this in one workflow? I see that scan share reads the data in the first workflow and knows the values of individual attachments, but I don't know how to assign values from codes from individual pages to the respective documents.

Thank You for any sugastions


luca.scarpati posted this 13 October 2023

Hi Maciej,


the choice to divide your scope in two workflows is a good start...but we need to understand what you expect in output from your inputs.

Maybe send a copy of your original inputs to support and send an example of what you expect in output and they can specifically explain a way to do it.

Generally in Scanshare there are many ways you can take to get to the same expected result.

Best regards,