Hiding barcodes after processing.

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Andre Dias posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi everyone,


my company is trying to establish a mostly automated workflow to archive old and new documents into a dms.

To achive this we started printing barcode lables in batches - containing title and metadata information.


For aestetic reasons we would like to hide the barcodes on the document after they got processed.

Is this possible with scanshare?


I've attached a screenshot of the current workflow. The barcodes are pretty small and always in the top right corner of the first page.


Best regards

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luca.scarpati posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Andre,


yes, you can add a "white" area on the document at the top right where there is a barcode with our annotation module.

...for example in the screen above I added a yellow rectangular area. But you can change the color by simply right clicking on it with mouse (possible to change the fill and stroke and many other properties...).


Best regards,



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