A SSL certificate is required to allow a web application to serve HTTPS traffic. As of v4.8 the network services allow full SSL based communication with our mobile applications.

The method in this article shows how to bind a SSL certificate to the network web service and adds the self-signed SSL certificate to the trusted certificates store on Windows (the same procedure also applies to those who have a real certificate). Afterwards, the self-signed SSL certificate will be fully trusted on the machine. It should be noted that this self-signed SSL certificate will only be trusted on this machine, and not be trusted in general, because, of course, real SSL certificates are issued by actual Certificate Authorities.

Follow the steps ( easy laughing  ) :

   1. Create a self-signed certificate using IIS

       Start IIS Manager and select the top-level node representing the machine itself.

        into Server Certificates section.


            Click on Create Self-Signed Certificate (in the my case)... on the right-side panel.


                Specify a friendly-name for the certificate that you are creating.


 2. Install self-signed certificate into Trusted Root Certification Authorities

       Ensure that the newly created self-signed certificate is present in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store. 


  3. Configure the machine to serve SSL

      Copy the Thumbprint value of the certificate and remove all spaces from it (you can use Notepad for that).


         Copy the Application ID from UltiDev Web Server Explorer: 


         Issue the following commands in a Command Prompt with elevated privileges (you get that by using the Run As Administrator option).

    netsh http add sslcert ipport= certhash=f17d26877e42317814ed35cae0594a5d0532ec79 appid={4418F59C-B8D3-46D5-9AE3-3114B076FB41}


That should be it.

Note in the command the default SSL port which is 1991, configurable in the server network settings. Remember to check eventually firewalls blocking it.


N.B. SSL support is only available starting from Scanshare v4.8.


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