how to extract only one page from a pdf document

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Flavio Mendes posted this 29 September 2022

Hi guys, a question.

I'm running a flow, which identifies the barcode of a document, and separates the next pages of that document by recording in folders with the name of the variable IDCODEBAR, until I find the next barcode in the OCRZONE that I determined.

Everything is working great!

Now I need to make sure that only the page that has the barcode (REGISTER) can be saved in a root folder of the type:


That is, outside the other folders, which refer to document types.


I tried with the trigger split, I used the page separator, but they all cause the other pages of the document to be saved in the same location individually.

I need to have only the first page.

I imagine I need to create a unique flow for this purpose.

What I'm not sure is what kind of function I can use, just to have a page of a document with ten pages for example. Considering that the page I need is the page that I can identify it with a barcode.


Thank you


luca.scarpati posted this 03 October 2022

Hi Flavio,


if we understood correctly you only need the first page of the document separated by barcode, right?

If yes, you need another two workflows after batch separation via barcode:

  1. Separate page by page the document with trigger split, save it in another folder with file name %ORIGINALFILENAMEWITHOUTEXTENSION%_%UNIQUECOUNTER% in tiff as output profile
  2. Set a WatchFolder to get the document of the first previous workflow, with trigger condition send in output only those ending the filename with "_1

In this way you will have the first page of the document in output ... if you also need others in some other path so you can implement some other condition in your latest workflow.


Have a week!

Best regards,