HowTo: add metadata info to a PDF file

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Roberto Napolitano posted this 15 December 2016

I need to add metadata infos inside the PDF files (info dictionary)

These infos are for example: username, dateshort, timeshort, barcode string.

...and if I cannot....
I know how to add these metadata using an external application but .... how to run this external command via scripting? I tried to use a vbscript like this just to test it but does't work:

Option Explicit
Dim objShell
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objShell.Run "c:windowssystem32 otepad.exe"

Best Regards

luigi.zurolo posted this 16 December 2016

Hi Roberto,

you can add properties directly into the output profile settings page, under the PDF section (left side). Here you can find the general PDF properties such as Author, Title, Description, etc.. or otherwise, if using latest 4.6, you can find a section for additional custom properties as well, defining name and value.


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