We are ing to read data from invoices by using the ZoneOCR.


  • “ZoneOCR_document‐01.tif” and “ZoneOCR_document‐02.tif”. (see attached file)

How to do:

  1. Create a new workflow with the name: “Invoices”;
  2. Create a folder on you C‐drive: C:HotFolder Invoices
  3. Drag the watch folder capture module and configure it to monitor the above created folder
  4. Drag the Zone OCR module, and open configuration
  5. Load the test document for this exercise and draw a zone on the invoice number, then select a 2nd zone around the “For:”‐name (the name just below the word “ For ” )
  6. Drag the “Windows File System” Connector and configure it with the following settings
    ‐ Folder: CutputInvoices\%OCR_ZONE02%
    ‐ Filename: Invoice_%OCR_ZONE01%_%UNIQUECOUNTER+1%
  7. Save the settings

Now place both ZoneOCR documents into the watch folder: C:HotFolderInvoices.

The workflow will create for each “For”‐company a new Folder, and uses the invoice number for the filename