We are ing to use a barcode to split a multipage document into multiple documents.


  • Barcoded document: Barcode_Batch_4‐DOCUMENTS_20‐PAGES.pdf

How to do:

  1. Create a workflow with the name: “Barcode Splitting”
  2. Create a folder on you C‐drive: C:HotFolderBarcodeSplitting
  3. Drag the watch folder capture module and configure it to monitor the above created folder
  4. Drag the Barcode Reader module and open configuration
  5. Load the test document for this exercise and draw a zone on the barcode, use the following settings (to be configured in the barcodes list on the left side menu of the dialog):
    1. Variable: BC
    2. Regular Expression: DOCUMENT‐[0‐9]+
    3. Disable “Fixed search region”
    4. Enable “Use as separator”
    5. Enable “Remove page”
  6. Drag the “Windows File System” Connector and configure it with the following settings:
    1. Folder: CutputBarcode Split
    2. Filename: %BC%‐ %UNIQUECOUNTER+1%
  7. As output profile we select a normal PDF, so not a Searchable PDF (edit the default selected output profile and uncheck OCR)
  8. Save your settings

You can now copy the barcoded document into the watch folder, and it will be processed by the workflow. The result will be 4 documents with the following names:

  • DOCUMENT‐0001‐1.pdf
  • DOCUMENT‐0002‐1.pdf
  • DOCUMENT‐0003‐1.pdf
  • DOCUMENT‐0004‐1.pdf