Kyocera MFP Client, which one to use?

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medizini97 posted this 17 June 2022

Hello, I am wondering which Kyocera HyPAS Client, when do I use which clent? I find 3 different versions, in the scanshare folder. Scanshare.pkg Scanshareembedded.pkg ScanshareAuthembedded.pkg

In the help, I have Found an article about Modern and Standard Clients. How do I setup a connection with the Modern Client?

Does the Kyocera client support the Follow me Print function like the HP client? Where can I find more information about Scanshare's print function?

Thanks in advance Georg

luca.scarpati posted this 21 June 2022

Hi Georg,


they are 3 different clients as the names are suggesting:

Scanshare.pkg -> standard web client (old historical version)

Scanshare_embedded.pkg -> embedded version of the client (newer, suggested one)

Scanshare_authentication.pkg -> authentication client when using Accounting module (locks device to use authentication and basic print management, not really like HP)


The Modern client that you have previous mentioned from our help&manual are embedded clients that using a REST protocol and for Kyo we have added the support for the self-registered in the latest Scanshare version 5.22.05.

In the partner portal you will find documents for the printing solution with some info and brochure, you can always ask your dealer/NOC or write to our support for more information.


Have a nice day!

Best regards,


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