Offline Registration Problem

  • Last Post 13 October 2021
smueller posted this 11 October 2021

Hi guys,


today i tried to install Capture & Store Server V4.21.08 on my clients Server and i had to register the software offline due to some proxy limitations (i guess, software couldn't reach the activation server).


The offline registration page generated my license file, which i uploaded to the software but i'm getting "invalid license" as response. Application log is saying

"2021-10-11 10:02:45:080 | Error | The input is not a valid Base-64 string as it contains a non-base 64 character, more than two padding characters, or an illegal character among the padding characters."


I upgraded to 5.21.08 but got the same error message. Downgrading to 4.21.04 suddenly broke the installation (loading screen freezes).

I tried another license, which i have to install later this month but got the same error, so now i have to contact toshiba to reset both licenses...

The customer is setting up a new virtual machine so we can start fresh, but where lies the problem? I tried in a vm in my office and got the same error.


kind regards,


Sven Mueller





I installed an older version (4.10) in the vm in my office and now the offline activation is working. Maybe there is a bug in an recent build?

luigi.zurolo posted this 13 October 2021

Hi Sven,

thank you for your message.

There are no issues in the recent builds but some updates which requires that we set a flag in the license when using recent releases with offline activation. That's why it worked with your older 4.10.

If you need to use the offline activation at your customer please file a support ticket with the license serial and we will set what necessary, please don't share this information here on the public forum.

Thank you.