Read email attachment (XML)

  • Last Post 01 September 2022
TobiasD posted this 31 August 2022

Is the following workflow feasible?

Input => Email with attachment (XML)

from this XML one, if necessary 2 values are to be read out and these values, are then to result in the file name.

Output => XML(original file) (with designation of the issued values)

Thank you very much.

luigi.zurolo posted this 01 September 2022

Hi Tobias,

in general no because the Email capture module will only process attachments which are documents.

However you might try to create a workflow capturing emails with the general workflow option "Skip processing" so that the captured files are just output somewhere according the workflow output (example a folder) and then create a second workflow which monitors this output folder and, still with the skip processing either in the workflow or in the watch folder directly, runs some kind of scripts to read and parse the source XML as your needs.