Reference XML for variable value

  • Last Post 04 August 2020
Adrian Pernice posted this 04 August 2020


Is it possible to reference a XML file that has accompanied a scanned PDF to use as a variable for output in the InifintyLaw connector (matter field)?

For example, I am wanting to reference the value for accountName in the below to call as a variable to use in my workflow. Thanks.

luca.scarpati posted this 04 August 2020

Hi Adrian, 


sure it is possible if you use one of our clients, you can check it directly from a question.


Or as I understand you use a Watch Folder and one different XML for each input document, for cases like this we have our connect license. It is a special license, where you can also find it in the Watch Folder capture settings under "Custom backup" also has the "Custom XML" field.

This custom XML must be formed as follows:












... so you can use the variables in one of our various connectors smile.


Best regards,