Today we are proud to announce our new v4 suite releases, great improved server and pc client and official new v4 restyled professional and printer clients.

New server build

Scanshare v4.4 can count many improvements, bug fixes and also some exciting new features... all made with love thanks to your precious feedbacks!

Just to highlight some new features:

  • New scan triggers to get full control even before the processing
  • New Amazon AWS connector
  • New rich text editor for a full HTML mail experience
  • Multiple watch folder modules
  • New output formats

and much more! Please check the complete list of features here.

New PC clients

Scanshare v4.4 comes together with the official release of our new restyled v4 Professional and Printer clients. After their beta testing they have approached finally the RTM completing the Enterprise v3-v4 applications suite upgrade.

They can also count some new features like:

  • New Barcode Recognition
  • New Task Processing for variables verification
  • Printer jobs queue always running as a service

What are you waiting for? Contact your local reseller to ask for a demo!