Split using Smart OCR or script

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stan780953 posted this 24 January 2024


Is there an example of how I could use Smart OCR or a script to split a document when it sees certain ref numbers? Any tips would be appreciated.

luigi.zurolo posted this 18 March 2024

Hi Stan,

the split option is available in the Zone OCR where you can look for a specific pattern within a certain area (not the whole document). If this is matching your requirements you can draw a zone over the potential area and when using the split option you will be entering a RegExp to match for: https://help.scanshare.com/home/processing/processing-zone-ocr/#zone.

Otherwise there is no direct split for Smart OCR and script but you may use a singe page split and re-appending when the numbers are found with Smart OCR or script on every single page.

Basically the re-appending approach can be done by using the Smart OCR variable containing the found pattern and a script to update a variable for the output filename:

  • Set variable to something default
  • If SmartOCR finds something update the variable with a script
  • Output with appending enabled to the updated filename (if found a new name should be generated by the script checking, if not found the previous name should be used)

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