New updates KB000033 & KB000034 available. Please update your Scanshare copy to keep always the software up-to-date with all latest fixes and improvements.


  • Updater service unable to update DLLs in use by the Indexing service
  • Updater service may not be able to stop some services in specific conditions


  • PDF engine not correctly loaded/unloaded when processing source PDF with specific output settings combination
  • File not found error when OCR'ing in output profiles different than PDF in combination of remove empty pages option
  • Regression print connector not printing correctly on Windows Server 2012 based systems
  • Error looping while releasing cache when processing large input PDFs with one of auto orient, remove empty pages or deskew enabled
  • NullReferenceException while ending processing in some specific cases
  • Sometimes wrong OCR pages progress counter
  • Slow processing and degrading of image quality when performing deskew together with separation
  • Client connection may be dropped when using no authentication on specific client types and settings combinations