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marcwibbs posted this 12 May 2022

Hi DN buds

I am trying to create a workflow where files are placed into a watch folder, from there a 'data export' lists all the file names (attached D1).

The files are sent to a watch folder and 'data output' as xml as well as the files themselves (d2)

A script kicks in to merge the files together to form an xml output (d3)


This all works except for 1 element, I would  like to use the "WATCHFOLDERSUBPATH" variable in the script to be able to populate the script to replace the "400" with the variable (see example xml and script below)



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>



<UserName>Marc Wilmington</UserName>

<ScanStartDateTime>5/12/20229:16 AM</ScanStartDateTime>

<ScanEndDateTime>5/12/20229:16 AM</ScanEndDateTime>








<Document>ferhj - Copy</Document>


<Document>ffrrffj - Copy</Document>














Dim strInputPath1, strInputPath2, strInputPath3, strOutputPath

Dim txsInput1, txsInput2, txsInput3, txsOutput



Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")


strInputPath1 = "C:\Output\CPS\KM\400\KM_400.txt"

strInputPath2 = "C:\Output\CPS\KM\400\400.txt"

strInputPath3 = "C:\KMDonotDelete\CPS\XML_File_End\XMLEnd.txt"

strOutputPath = "C:\Output\CPS\KM\400\Final\KMCPS40.xml" 

' For the timestamp I use Now (today's date). Can also choose some other date. 


Set txsInput1 = FSpenTextFile(strInputPath1, 1)

Set txsInput2 = FSpenTextFile(strInputPath2, 1)

Set txsInput3 = FSpenTextFile(strInputPath3, 1)

Set txsOutput = FSO.CreateTextFile(strOutputPath)


txsOutput.Write txsInput1.ReadAll

txsOutput.Write txsInput2.ReadAll

txsOutput.Write txsInput3.ReadAll








I'm just unsure of how to declare Doc Nav variables in the script.






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luca.scarpati posted this 13 May 2022

Hi Marc,


maybe it is not the best way in general to write a "code" inside the normal message of a forum, also because in addition to being public it is then encoded with emoticons wink


If I understand correctly you need the call for the internal CALLs to our scripting engine:

  • VBS:
    • yourvar = Metadata.Values("YOURVARIABLE") -> It returns the value of a variable inside the script, in your case maybe you can use WATCHFOLDERSUBPATH
    • call Metadata.SetValues("MYVAR", yourvar) -> It updates/creates the value of a server variable
  • JS:
    • yourvar = Metadata.Values("YOURVARIABLE");
    • Metadata.SetValues("MYVAR", myvar);

However here you can find all the information about the scripts cool


Have a nice day!

Best regards,