Using VBScript to trigger the Workflows

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team solution posted this 4 weeks ago

We now to trigger the workflows is by submitting a document through MFD/FTP/Watch Folder or even print a document with printer client, I have a question, is that possible to send data/text to ScanShare by VBScript?  

I want something like backend action,  integrated with other software.  Then the data/text will be transited to barcode and print out. I want to utilize the barcode generation function in Scanshare, then print the barcode out at the Store automatically.

luca.scarpati posted this 4 weeks ago


yes but not directly, you always need to input some captures. For example, you can send any type of document (also a simple .txt) in a WatchFolder from your external software with Skip Processing enable: that you can trigger the workflow without processing the document.

From this step everything should be easy, add the Script Module, create a VBS script that read the data from your source (there is some example on this forum in the Sample & Mateterials categories) and create a variable with this function directly into VBS:

  • call Metadata.SetValues("VARIABLENAME", "VARIABLEVALUE")

...after it you can use the newly created variable in your Barcode Writer to assign a specific value to the Barcode.

The workflow should be something like this: 

I hope it was clear and helpful innocent.


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