Using Web/API capture

  • Last Post 01 December 2020
DaniC posted this 26 November 2020


I am trying to connect to a API web services, using HTTP GET request.

like these 2 requests : 


Base URL is

And I as you can see I could use some parameters like "etat_administratif" or "siren"  (there is even more described here


But I cannot get them working with the WEB/API CAPTURE module ? My goal is to get the JSON RESPONSE and do a RegEX in order to retrieve a company name included into the answer


Could you help to use this API as an example or at least give me an example that is working with the WEB/API CAPTURE module  ?

The manual cannot help me on that matter.



luigi.zurolo posted this 01 December 2020

Dear Daniel,

you cannot get that working with the Web Capture module. It is made to capture documents via custom SOAP calls and not REST with a JSON payload. Moreover the module requires that the SOAP calls will expose a document being a workflow capture module.

If you would like to make any REST call during the workflow you can use the Script components and use JS.NET to make any REST call you would like. Please note that during the processing async operations aren't allowed because they will be losing the control and the service will go on with the processing.