Workflow may generate a "Bad Net Name" error on all modules which access a folder, e.g. Watch Folder capture module, Windows File System connector, Data Export module.

The error is occurring when you are saving the credentials in the browser in use and you use regular local paths. The browser may match the couple of tags "Username/Password", existing in all folder based modules/connectors to authenticate on a shared folder, and auto fill them, also when using a local folder, with the saved credentials for this web site, e.g. the main adminn login account.

In this case Scanshare will try to authenticate with such credentials on the local path which will generate a bad net name, being local.

To solve the problem disable and clear the credentials saved for the Scanshare application URL or modify the faulty workflow by removing the saved credentials. To do that check all folder based modules of the workflow for the Username/Password fields, delete the contents and save the updated settings.


N.B. If you still have the credentials saving enabled they may be auto-filled again when modifying and saving anytime the folder based module settings.