Adding an Extra Page to a document

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Anthony Dwyer posted this 23 October 2022

I am trying to add notes to my invoices to aid the administration department in processing (don't have to ask follow-up questions) and also so they can be correctly categorised when uploading into SharePoint using available metadata.

I can see how to add notes using Annotation and I can also create a text file using the variables.

Is it possible and if so how to either merge or append the original document with the text file or add an additional page using annotation to include the notes so that I don't make the existing document unreadable?

Also is it possible to utilise questions in WebClient or Verification to capture additional "Notes" longer than the 20+ characters i.e. a MEMO field that is available when using a question?

Hoping my ramble is clear, thank you in advance for any directions.




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luca.scarpati posted this 02 November 2022

Hi Anthony,


I will try to reply in 3 points:

  1. to add an annotation on the processed document you can use our annotation module, in it follow your selected annotation type you can always add a text using a var button and for example you can add a value from question or internal variable value such as Barcode, zone ocr or script variable...
  2. To add a new extra page you need to know the page to add so you can try to append it via an extra workflow, just for info you can use a merge option inside the output profile section or directly append option inside the WFS connector for example with tiff as output profile
  3. To now the "MEMO" field not is possible in the question.


Best regards,


Anthony Dwyer posted this 14 November 2022

Thanks Luca.

Response queries are below.

1] Annotaitron Module -Got it working well the text and variables being collected obscure the document too much hence the request.

2] Very interested in how to do this.... can't seem to get it to work as you have outlined above.

Ideally, I want to merge the text file capturing the OCR and WebClient input variables at the end of the original PDF invoice within the same workflow.

3] Would be nice to have a memo field a 25-character cap is a bit limiting. Maybe a future development request if possible;-)

luca.scarpati posted this 14 November 2022

Hi Anthony,


more than welcome.

2. it all depends on your specific case and what the customer needs in your specific case. However, on a forum we can give a general solution, therefore as I wrote before you can append an extra page and in general you can use two workflows if you need a PDF with OCR enabled in output.


Have a nice week!

Best regards,