AFAS Online connector Setup with Tokens

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Lonewolf1981 posted this 23 December 2016


I am transferring a workflow running on Capture & Store V3 to a new V4 version. 

in 2017 the AFAS connection should be done with Tokens 

I installed vervion 4.6.00000 update 32 afas connector version is

When i try to fill in the variables  the connector fields are ne as soon as i switch between field types. The document upload fields and the extra fields are saved but the connector fields are not saved.

Also and propably due to this when i try to upload a document i get the following error.

 Error | General message: De velden 'SfTp' en 'SfId' moeten beide gevuld zijn.

Help please!




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luigi.zurolo posted this 26 December 2016

Hi Jeroen,

we have already the updated Afas connector supporting tokens which will be included in the first 2017 available release.

Please download one of the latest 4.6 internal build (4.6.0.x), it is also already included.



Rolf posted this 28 March 2017

Hi Luigi,

Is it possible to only update the AFAS connector? When I use the public available build the connector is still on version and not supporting the token authentication. If this is not possible which internal release is best to use in a customer production environment? Because the numbers available up to

Thanks for your answer!




luigi.zurolo posted this 28 March 2017

Hi Rolf,

yes the connector may be replaced in 4.6, please have a look at this version if working: You will need to replace the complete connector folder after you stopped all services.

Otherwise is the latest available internal build and it is ok to be used in production.