Barcode Recognition Type CodeInterleaved2Of5

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DN-Newbie posted this 20 April 2022


it's me agian, I'm still on the very old DN Essentials Version 4.10 from Konica-Minolta but I asked them for an update or make an offer to upgrade to the full version. foot-in-mouth

Today I have a short question again.

In a watch folder workflow, I'm reading a barcode of type CodeI2of5, Not Code128 as I thought it was. The output is max. 10 digits and filled up with leading zero. For example, if the number (which is our internal customer number) is 5678, the output value is 0000005678.

Is it possible to create a variable out of this value in which the "leading zero" are removed? So I'd like to have a variable with the value of  "only" 5678. 

 I'd like to use it in an XML output which is sent to Windows file system. Is this possible? Thanks for any advice.

luca.scarpati posted this 25 April 2022



unfortunately it is not possible to do this directly with a parsing of the expression inside the variable.

For your case to take the last 4 final digits you could use this: %YOUR_VARIABLE(6-)% it will take the last 4 digits but if they arrive at digits greater than 4 (e.g. 0000045678) then your expression will always return the last 4 (e.g. 5678).

However if you had a Server Version you can solve it with a simple line of Script, e.g.:


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