Connect MFP client by hostname

  • Last Post 29 April 2020
DNavigator posted this 23 September 2019

Hi,We are seller for Document Navigator (Scanshare) and Konica Minolta devices and we have the following problem.A customer uses dynamic IP addresses for the network connection of the printing systems and addresses the devices by hostname (DNS).Now we also want to install and connect the Scanshare MFP client via hostname. Is this possible or is there a solution?


Thanks for help!

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luigi.zurolo posted this 26 September 2019


currently there is no possibility to use hostnames instead of IP addresses since IP addresses are used to identify allowed configured clients while hostnames can change from one device to another.

This implementation has been intentionally designed and until now it didn't produce any particular issue since the MFP doesn't need to change IP address so even if you normally use its hostname the device is always set or with static IP address or a reservation on the DHCP which is what we suggest to do.

However there are some improvements planned on this matter which will come around Q2.

hardym posted this 28 April 2020


My client wishes for his PC Client to use a host name (DNS) because IP addresses often change, for security reasons.

Some improvements were planned for the second quarter, do you have any news on this subject?

Thanks for the help!

luca.scarpati posted this 29 April 2020



the DNS names are not yet implemented for incoming connections control. You can use them to add and push a client but it won't work for incoming connections control for licensing purposes.


However it is still in our to-do list to implement them and it will be available in one of the next monthly release.


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