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tobias posted this 14 November 2019

Good Morning to all,


i have a NFR license with convert+share (Virtual + Kyocera Modul).

I can not get it to work, so it works....

I have version " 64bit" installed, on my WIN2012R2 Server.

No Firewall or any Security Software in use.


My Kyocera Test Machine is Kyocera M6535cidn with newest Firmware. (KyoceraClient_1.4.0.pkg)

All protocols are activated according to the instructions.

Client and Workflow are created in C+S.


Has anyone on this forum, this combination in use  ?

When i start the application on the copier and enter the IP address + port(8380) in the input and confirm with OK, he gets no connection to the server. (No connection)

Or does anyone have an idea for me?


Thank you very much.


Best regards

Tobias D.

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luca.scarpati posted this 18 November 2019

Hi Tobias,


eheheh your behavior (since you also wrote that your firewall is disabled) it is completely normal because the port you entered is invalid. 

Above I read that you use a 8380 port, please not modify it and use the default 1987 (the first test is usually always with the Default eheheh parameters) because the new Embedded client use the Rest API for the connection.



Besides port 1987 and ports 1985 and 1990 needs to be open, according the ports list mentioned in the manual and the general ports in this post. Please allow (check) those ports as well in the firewall and try again.


Have a nice afternoon innocent


Best regards,