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Dirk Klatt posted this 14 September 2018

i've had a discussion into our company of the meaning 'original' for verification wf output document format!
The verification users have to verify scanned invoices (pdf/a) for legibility. The verifivation users have only to decide approved (yes) or not approved (no). 

The approved invoices stored into an output folder as pdf/a. Now the head of accountancy realized that the pdf/a before and after verification differs (file date/time and file size). He believes that there should be no change into documents through a simple yes/no decission by verification!
I've tried to set the output into 'original' format, but then i get tif-documents after verification into output folder!

So, what can i do to get the original documents after verification into output folder!?

best regards

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luca.scarpati posted this 14 September 2018

Hi Dirk,


Here are some key points for your question:

  - When you set "original" it means only that in output you want the same document without doing any processing on it (it's not your case because you use a verification so the document is processed and you will have a tiff in the output)

  - Do you scan directly in pdf/a? Perhaps I would suggest you scan in .tiff

  - The size of the file changes because the document is processed, the date changes because the document was created and then modified as a result of the user verification.


I think they are all regular steps.


Best regards,


Dirk Klatt posted this 14 September 2018

Well Luca,
it is not so simple. cry
Yes the user do a verification. But only if the shown document into verification process is complete readable and contains all scanned pages. The verification user don't need to change the document itself!

So therefore it isn't neccessray to change the document format through verifivation process (pfd/a -> tif -> pdf/a). The head of accounting arguments that the document has not to be changed through verification process!

So is there any way to get the original file after verification?

best regards

PS: We also get invoices by email from our suppliers (native pdf/a Documents). Into next step we'll process these documents too. And these pdf/a should be processed without any change!

luca.scarpati posted this 17 September 2018

Hi Dirk, 


this no bug/error because the verification process has not been thought for that specific case, but our user verification was not designed for that specific case, but it was developed as a "real" correction of the document (so the document will be different from the original).

However attached you can find a solution on how to verify and get output an "original" file.

I used watch folders, mostly in the "second" workflow please check the failover folder of your server, my example was: 

 - C:\ProgramData\e-BRIDGE Capture And Store\NotProcessed\

 -  Now to set up the watchfolder correctly you have to understand which is the id of your workflow. So I suggest you check the url and copy manually id, after that insert it in the path of the watch folder and in the failover trigger of the "first workflow". 



 2. In the second watch folder insert the folder path looks like this: C:\ProgramData\e-BRIDGE Capture And Store\NotProcessed\Workflow-YOURIDWORFLOW  (In the my example it is 15)

 3. In the first workflow please modify the folder path in the script, you can paste the previus path

 4. Check in the second workflow if the output folder in the script works well about your purposes, in my example the output document is stored in c:\output.


Just for your information we have marked your feedback in our "to-do" list innocent.


If you need more information about your workflow, please send it to our support at


Best regards,



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