Difficulty reading data by Smart OCR engine

  • Last Post 19 November 2021
Flavio Mendes posted this 17 November 2021

I would like to know how I use the smart ocr engine to read a specific value, when I don't find a default parameter to condition the search.


I usually use a standard information that exists in the document, and I look for SmartOCR to look for the information to the right or left of the data I read.


But when I don't have this reference, how do I search for a value that I don't have a reference data to base the search on?


Is there any form or script that allows this?

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luca.scarpati posted this 17 November 2021

Hi Flavio,


if you cannot base your search on the right or left or bottom or top from "target" value ... you can always look up the value on Any position, for example in this case we search any date available inside the document:

...obviously it will be less precise because if the document is made up of several pages it will search on all pages.


Everything you can do via SmartOCR (and morecool) can also be done with the Script (JS or VBS), in our Samples&Materials category you can find many examples of scripts(great for getting started and understanding your purposes).


Best regards,


Flavio Mendes posted this 18 November 2021

Thank you very much for your reply.

I managed it after several attempts, but I will need to improve the way I read it!


luca.scarpati posted this 19 November 2021

Hi Flavio,


more than welcome and perfect, from  your screen above you have had a good start cool !


Have a nice weekend!


Best regards,