Document Navigator PC Client Questions

  • Last Post 09 July 2021
Shaun.McKerchar posted this 09 July 2021

Good day

I'm hoping you can help me with a few Document Navigator PC Client questions I have?

  1. Where can I download the Document Navigator V5 PC Client from?
  2. Is there any version of the PC Client that supports drag-and-drop of documents, like the Web Client does?
  3. Does Document Navigator PC Client Professional v4.3.0.0 work with Document Navigator V5?  The reason I ask is because the normal PC Client works fine, however when I try use the PC Client Professional, I get the following error.

           Unable to connect: Client isn't known at the server site and is not able to connect.  Please check the server            settings or contact your system administrator.

luigi.zurolo posted this 09 July 2021

Hi Shaun,

PC clients aren't upgraded to v5 and you can still use the latest v4 ones which are compatible with v5 as well. V5 comes with the new Web Client which will replace the PC clients, and it is integrated in the server UI because it is based on Users rather than Clients, just login with a regular user and you are able to use it up to the available licenses.

The message about the Client not known is because that client can connect to the server but it isn't configured, please check if the IP address is correct and of the correct type as well (e.g. PC client professional and not PC client).