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Flavio Mendes posted this 14 April 2022

I'm making a flow, and I'm having doubts about the FreeForm functionality.

In the Flow below, I have 2 freeform created, each containing a specific document type:

see attached Flow.png file

In the Flow configuration, I define that FreeForm1 understands a type of document:

see attached FreeFormID.png file

see attached FreeFormID4.png file

 But if this condition is not accepted, I ask that the other FreeForm2 be validated, which has another document characteristic: 

see attached FreeFormID5.png file

But the process gives an error, informing that the condition was not accepted, and all the rest of the process will be cancelled:

 see attached FreeFormLogs.png file

So I ask: Why does this error occur, given that the Freeform2 model is correctly configured to identify the document referring to it. And when I delete this Freeform2 connector, the process works, identifying the Freeform1, and when it's not the Freeform1 document, the flow identifies it to be another type of document.

But my intention would be to make both freeforms bankrupt and in case, a third type of document enters the flow, then yes, the process should be canceled.

Can you give me a suggestion?


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Flavio Mendes posted this 20 April 2022

I will use your tips thanks Lucas!

Sorry for asking too much!

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luca.scarpati posted this 14 April 2022

Hi Flavio,


From your logs we understand that the second FreeForm does not return a valid result and therefore the workflow ends because you have no other links besides that.

Now the considerations can be, various for example:

  1. Were the freeform profiles created with a high quality original document?
  2. What do you do in that image processing? are you sure you are not going to modify the image you are processing too much? Why are you rotating it?
  3. Since I see a lot of text in your original documents, I think FreeForm is not a great solution for your case, but you just might have an Zone OCR that checks simple text values, for example:
    1.    "contains" -> SANATORIUM go to ID4.png processing
    2. "contains" -> CERTIFICADO go to ID5.png processing

I think your case is very simple and with the tips from point 3 you will be heading in the right direction.

...and if you want more info about FreeForm or Zone OCR or etc. please refer to our new help&manual.


Best regards,



Flavio Mendes posted this 14 April 2022

Hi Lucas, thanks for replying.

So the documents are very readable. (I'll send you the attachment);

And exactly, the log says that it is not identifying the document template for ID5. And it is based on this occurrence that I have the doubt, this discussion.

Because apparently, it should identify the document template as it was created in freeform.

Wouldn't that be?

Your guideline 3 I did and it worked, no problems, before I sent you this message.

But as I'm studying the functionality of Freeform, I think it works like this:

1-I create the form template that the system should identify

2-In the flow, I insert the freeform mechanism, so that the system knows that the document that comes in must be compared with the freeform, to see if it meets the correct condition of that form.

3-If it does, it does the additional actions (ICR, and save variables in csv file).


In this example above it's working only using a freeform mechanism ( the ID4 ), what I'm not understanding is because when it doesn't meet the condition of FreeformID4, and it will validate the freeformID5 it's not identifying!




As for the image processing fact, I'm using it to rotate the document orientation, because ID5 ( Certificate ) is of Landscape type and not Portrait like ID4 ( Manifest );


Waiting for you!

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luca.scarpati posted this 15 April 2022

Hi Flavio,


I try to answer you:

  1. yes sure it recognizes it and works without problems I just tried it with your documents and with a simple test workflow Maybe as a test, if you want to use it I suggest you create the profiles again and select them in the attached workflow triggers.The guide suggested in point 3 works in the same way and is my suggestion because your Templates have more text and not very structured so this is the reason for the suggestion.
  2. for the rotation in my workflow example above, I used everything without doing the rotation with image processing module, but the document that will be created in the output will be rotated because autorotation has been selected in the output profile.

Maybe as a suggestion import and use the workflow attached as a starting point and try to modify it for your own purposes innocent.


Best regards,


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Flavio Mendes posted this 17 April 2022

Lucas, thank you very much for your feedback.

I will test the flow you gave me. I thank you in advance for your kindness!

I'll let you know the results next!

Flavio Mendes posted this 17 April 2022

Lucas did the test with your flow, and I noticed something.

The FreeformID5 selection is not checked. Is this correct?

With this item unchecked, the process works:

However, if I check the CERTIFICATE option:

The process fails according to the log I sent you.

Why does this occur?

Whereas For the ID4 form, I select the MANIFEST option. In the ID5 form, shouldn't I select the CERTIFICATE option?

But answering about your flow, it really worked. Only this detail that I noticed was different in FreeFORMID5;


Waiting for you!

luca.scarpati posted this 19 April 2022

Hi Flavio,

I honestly don't know why it doesn't work in your workflow, maybe the only thing that could be is that you create FreeForm profiles in a different way ...

This is my simple workflow from above: the first FreeForm Trigger the selected profile is:

in the next Trigger, the second profile:


Obviously you don't find them checked inside your FreeForm trigger when you import the above workflow because those "ids" don't exist within your settings.dat of your environment and as I suggested you needed to recreate your FreeForm profiles.


I suggest you contact our support for more information also because for sure there is some specific problem in your configuration.


Best regards,