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JBruna posted this 26 April 2023

Hello everyone.


I'm setting up a workflow where I scan a document, put metadata on it from the printer, and it's sent to Sharepoint.

The document arrives, the metadata also since to test it I have used it in the name of the document and it is correct. The problem is that I need to put that metadata in a sharepoint "demo" column and it doesn't. In the sharepoint connector in "list/library properties" the column that I have configured (provider) appears and I assign the variable %dato_demo%... but it still does not appear.


Thank you so much.

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luca.scarpati posted this 27 April 2023

 Hi JBruna,


in general the filename comes via another "call" and not the metadata one, so you should check if some other metadata is inserted or none is inserted.

What type of data is inside your "demo" field in Sharepoint ? Is it a simple data type, text or something similar? or is it a data that requires an ID (like a list)? If so then you need to use the front part of the Sharepoint connector, so as to return the exact ID %DATO_DEMO% to add in the "demo" List\Library field.


I hope it is clear, I leave here some useful links (even if the version is old respect the latest 5.23.03 the behavior for the list is the same):


Have a nice day!


Best regards,


J.Bruna posted this 27 April 2023

Hi Lucas, thanks for answering.

Using the variable to rename was simply to check that the variable was being sent to sharepoint.

After thoroughly reviewing the forum I saw that there is some incompatibility with the internal sharepoint variable CONTENT_TYPE , deleting or renaming it worked correctly and the variable (text type) was placed in the corresponding column.


Thank you!!

luca.scarpati posted this 28 April 2023

Perfect and more than welcome guys!

Have a nice weekend cool


Best regards,