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cocco78 posted this 11 November 2022

Good morning everyone. I am new to the group and above all in using ScanShare therefore I wanted to ask for help to solve what is a problem for me. I have created a very simple Workflow as follows: Watch Folder ---- Barcode Reader ----- WFS The flow reads the PDFs deposited in the folder, reads the QR Code found in some pages, and splits the sheets. Everything works correctly but by assigning the variable that is read by the QR Code as the file name it takes into account all the QR data which in my case are: customer1_typedoc_user_data.pdf I would like, if possible, that once the QR Code has been read, the file name is saved only with client1.pdf Reading in the forum I saw that there was talk of scripts and I specifically viewed the following post: a-delimiter / I changed my WF as follows: Watch Folder ---- Barcode Reader ----- tr_SCRIPT --- WFS but I was unable to adapt everything to my workflow. Is there a simpler function to get the result or should I proceed down this path? Thanks for your help.

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luca.scarpati posted this 11 November 2022

Hi Corrado,


welcome to the Scanshare world cool.


Your workflow description seems correct and logic. For your purpose we suggest the expression forms available for the variables:


In general for your simple case you just need to add inside your filename field %YOURVARIABLE('_',1)% it will return the first part of the value before the first "_".

The script can also good for your case but I think that for your simple case the expression is the better way.


Have a nice weekend!

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cocco78 posted this 11 November 2022

A thousand thanks,
Very nice

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