Future of Scanshare PC Client?

  • Last Post 18 August 2022
medizini97 posted this 29 June 2022


what will happen with the pc client?

I couldn't find a newer version than v4.3.0. This is already 2 years old.

Is PC Clent still supported by Scanshare V5?

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luca.scarpati posted this 05 July 2022

Hi Georg,


the PC Client, PC Client Professional and Printer Client are fully supported into V5 and they are available in the V4 download area because because they have not been updated to v5(latest v4.3.0 as you mentiones), basically the webclient step by step will replace it in the new future versions.


For more information about the Web Client:


Have a nice day!

Best regards,


Anthony Dwyer posted this 12 August 2022

I love this video and am trying to replicate it in my environment as I think this could be useful in my workflows.  

When I created the Variable and then go back to the WebClient (@4mins & 37 seconds in your video) you do something to get the questions to show the variables created in the first step?

I can't find the variables questions corresponding to the variable created in the Smart OCR.... What am I missing?

This is super important as I want to do a trigger Database lookup to finalize the workflow.

Any help would be appreciated.



luca.scarpati posted this 12 August 2022

Hi Anthony,


glad to know that you like the video and that it is useful cool.


As you can see in the video in your suggested seconds, let's select questions that have the same variable name as the variables created within the smart ocr e.g. AMOUNT_DUE.

So before creating your workflow you must have created some questions with the same variable name that you will then create in your smart ocr...by doing so you will make sure that after setting your SmartOCR in the workflow you can select/add the questions inside the WebClient capture.

Save all and should be works.


Best regards,


Anthony Dwyer posted this 18 August 2022

Thanks for the clarification Luca.

Regarding the Database Lookup which is located after the OCR in my workflow...

I can confirm the OCR is populating the VAIRBALES created as questions in the WebClient in a text file as a test.  However, when I try and use one of the variables in the Database Lookup it doesn't work as expected.

I have tried creating an additional question in the WebClient for this variable, however it then just gives me a blank variable in the text output.

Any suggestions to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated.





luca.scarpati posted this 18 August 2022

Hi Anthony,


sorry what workflow? In this post we were talking about something else (your last post looks like OT smile)

However you can check what you are passing to the lookup query, the same value if you manually enter it without add the variable and check if the returned result is correct.


Just for info for specific questions relating to your environment we suggest you contact the support.



Best regards,