Generating a document without scanning

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Steph posted this 16 June 2021

Hello Scanshare team,

I know that Toshiba MFP client has a "start workflow without scanning" function.

The idea is to ask some questions to user on the MFP client without scanning a document and generate a form with the values entered and a QR code, and then print or store it.

I didn't find a way to insert a blank page in workflow to apply typed value with Annotation module for example.

I could use a first workflow with Report Generator module and then create a docx file, then another workflow to convert  the docx in PDF, and then a third Workflow to apply QR code.

Is there any easier manner to do this?

Best regards




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luigi.zurolo posted this 17 June 2021

Hi Stephane,

yes that's correct, Toshiba device start workflow without scan is a function to start the workflow without scanning just to capture questions or eventually trigger a workflow with some business and login actions, there are no documents generated neither nothing created in output.

If you would like to create an empty image the best (and easier) approach is that you prepare an empty white image and you drop it inside the workflow, maybe via a watch folder, with a script in the Toshiba no scan workflow (if that's the start trigger of this job). I mean the workflow can copy the empty image with a script inside the watch folder of the workflow which will actually annotate it, so you just need 2 workflows, one as front one on the device and one as background one to do the job.

Steph posted this 18 June 2021

Hi Luigi,


Thank you for the idea! It's working perfectly :-)



Steph posted this 17 August 2021

Hi Luigi,

An additional question about this:

Do you think you can do the a function like "start without scanning" but from the Webclient?

Then we could use the webclient as an online form for generating document? (easier for the user than from the MFD screen)

Best regards



luca.scarpati posted this 18 August 2021

Hi Stephane,


the "start without scanning" function doesn't exist in the WebClient capture yet, but we already have it on our to-do list and it will be in a future version.


However you can always use a empty page template for your previous case to be placed each time inside the folder that you will set by default within your WebClient: this case maybe you need only one workflow with script at end of workflow which places the empty page template in the previous default folder.


Have a nice day!


Best regards,