If the Scanshare server is offline update packages can be downloaded from a different machine with internet access and installed offline via command line.

A downloaded update package consists of 2 files:

  • KBXXXXXX.txt
  • KBXXXXXX.zip

(where XXXXXX is the number in 6digits of the update, e.g. 000038)

In order to install the package offline move them to the target Scanshare server installation and follow the steps below:

  • Place both files in a temporary folder with read access
  • Open a Windows CMD with Administrator rights
  • Navigate to the root Scanshare server installation folder
    •    e.g. C:\Program Files\Scanshare\Scanshare
  • Run the command: Host.exe /updateoffline "C:\PATHTOTHEPACKAGES\KBXXXXXX.txt" VERSION
    •    VERSION is the current version, e.g. Note: the version must be complete of any updates installed just as shown in the footer of the control panel, e.g. (4.10 with update 38 installed)

The status of the process is reported on the command line and If the command executes correctly the update Tile will be also visible in the Dashboard at the next control panel login, in the same way of the online automatic installation.

Please ask your reseller where to obtain the offline update packages.