How to send specified file type to email?

  • Last Post 26 November 2020
Koson posted this 26 November 2020

I want to send XML file to email from my watch folder which is including PDF & XML files. The PDF files just stay in folder with no action. Any suggestions on it?

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luigi.zurolo posted this 26 November 2020

Hi Koson,

you cannot put XML files inside a watch folder, that's forbidden as they are used for internal tags hence why also the PDF with the same name might get skipped when coupled together in the folder.

What you can do is to enable the "Skip processing" option inside the workflow or the watch folder settings so that the workflow will pick up any file in the folder no matter if they are documents or not. Those files will not be processed (skip processing), and  they will get passed directly the connectors such as the Email connector.

Koson posted this 26 November 2020

There are errors when I enable "skip processing". What does it mean?