HowTo: automatically recognize documents with FreeForm module

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piero.attanasio posted this 27 April 2016

We are ing to use the FreeForm module for an automatic recognition of documents.


  • “Colored_invoice” and “Dots_invoice” documents.

How to do:

  1. In FreeForm section click on New on the top bar;
  2. As Name insert “colored invoice”;
  3. Click on Viewer on the left,load the document “colored_invoice” and click on Save;
  4. Click again on New on the top bar;
  5. As Name insert “dots invoice”;
  6. Click on Viewer on the left, load the document “dots_invoice” and click on Save;
  7. Create a workflow with the name FreeForm;
  8. Drag the watch folder capture module and open its settings;
  9. As watch folder insert the path “C:FreeForm Input” (or click on Browse and then click on “+” to create it);
  10. Save the watch folder settings;
  11. Drag the “Windows File System” Connector and configure it with the following settings:
    1. Folder: C:FreeForm Output\%FREEFORMPROFILE%
  12. Add a FreeForm trigger on Windows File System connector route and select both FreeForm profiles;
  13. Save the settings.

You can now copy the files “colored_invoice” and “dots_invoice” into the watch folder “C:FreeForm Input”, and they will be processed by the workflow. At the path “C:FreeForm Output” will be created two folders with the names of the recognized FreeForm profiles and within each of them there will be the corresponding document.


 - Link to video:

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markwai posted this 03 January 2020

Thank You for the Class, may I know where the form going when the "Confidence Level" result is lower than defined value. 

I try to modify your workflow and use my 3 forms, but I got 1 form disappear, and I find the log as below

"Trigger condition not validated, further path processing will be skipped"

any idea??

luca.scarpati posted this 06 January 2020

Hi Mark,


The trigger message is normal, in practice the condition is not valid or false. Therefore the rest of the process steo after that trigger will not be executed.

You can find information about the "Confidence Level"  in the settings of the specific form (from the left side menu -> FreeForm -> Select your profile -> open the settings). In it you will have a screen like this: 

... where you can decrease or increase the "Confidence Level" according to your needs.


Have a nice day!


Best regards,