We are going to read data from invoices by using the ICR with User Verification.


  • “ICR_invoice.tif” . (see attached file)
  • MFP client or use Watchfolder with static path folder in the output connector
  • Special Abbyy license ICR-enabled

How to do:

  1. Create a new workflow with the name: “ICR with user verification” 
  2. Drag the MFP capture module and Drag the watch folder capture module and configure it to monitor the above created folder 
  3. Create a new question with the following settings:
    1.    Question and Button name: Select Folder
    2.    Variable: FOLDER
    3.     Type: Selected
  4. On the left side menu of the question dialog click on Selected and then click on the “+” sign to create a new List
  5. Insert “List C-output” as list name, select "folder browse" as list Type and then click on Connector on the left side menu   
    1.    Start path: c:\Output
    2.    Use full path as the return value: enable
    3.    Save all
  6. Drag the ICR module and open configuration:
    1.    Load the test document for this exercise and draw a zone on the "name" and name the variable as %NAME%, then select two zones around the "address" lines and name them as %ADDRESS_01% and %ADDRESS_02% .
    2.    Draw two more zones around the "date" and "attn" and configure the field mark types as (for more info about this please refer our help manual):
      1.    "%DATE%" of type: Charbox series ;
      2.    "%ATTN%" of type: Simple Comb .
  7. Drag the “Windows File System” Connector and configure it with the following settings
    1.    Folder: %FOLDER%/%DATE%/%NAME% ;
    2.    Filename: %ATT% %YY%-%MM%-%DD% ;
    3.    Data output: with variable %ADDRESS_01% and %ADDRESS_02% .
  8. On the connection from the module ICR to the connector WFS let's add two condition triggers:
    1.    Add a Verification user, we choose in our example as verifier user "John" ;
    2.    Add a Trigger Email before the above condition, so that the user selected as verifier will be notified by email .
  9. Save the settings

Now open the client simulator and after configured the "settings" with the sample document to process we will have the same "MFP user experience" : 

  1. Select the workflow -> “ICR with user verification”;
  2. Answer the requested question;
  3. Start scan.

The workflow after reading the ICR zones will send an email to the user notifying him that a document is waiting to be verified. The user enters his area and after checking and/or modifying the variables, he approves the document which will be delivered then to the final destination folder.


Link to the video: