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piero.attanasio posted this 11 May 2016

You are ing to create a workflow where user can scan to his/her Google Drive account by using the OAuth authorization flow.


  • Google Drive account;
  • Random testing Document

How to Do:

  1. In the Users section click on New OAuth profile;
  2. As Type select Google Drive;
  3. As Username insert the complete Google account address (normally it is the Gmail address);
  4. As Pin insert a value to use as password to protect the OAuth token which we will receive by the Google authorization procedure, then click on Authorize;
  5. A popup with Google authorization request will appear, confirm the Google account and login if necessary, then click on Allow;
  6. Now the new OAuth profile is created and it is visible in the list of the users (a small lock icon is appearing to identify OAuth profiles);
  7. Create a new workflow with the name: “Google Drive”
  8. Create a folder on your C‚Äźdrive: C:GoogleDrive Input;
  9. Drag the watch folder capture module and configure it to monitor the above created folder;
  10. Drag the “Google Drive” Connector and configure it with the following settings:
    1. As Username insert the complete gmail address
    2. As Pin insert the same Pin value used in the creation step of the OAuth profile
  11. Click on Check Login to verify the accuracy of the inserted data;
  12. Save the settings.

You can now copy a document into the watchfolder, and it will be processed by the workflow. The document will be stored on the specified Google Drive account.

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Lonewolf1981 posted this 16 December 2016

Hi can you explain to me wich dns entries would be nessesary to use Google drive, onedrive, dropbox to create the Oauth users. are these local DNS entries?


Regards Jeroen

luigi.zurolo posted this 16 December 2016

Hi Jeroen,

the DNS to be used is: (where scanshare may be changed with the name of the brand, see below). Only GoogleDrive works as well when just using localhost, this because it allows to enter multiple URLs as allowed OAuth token callbacks, however requiring always the https protocol.


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